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Imuka Community Values & Impact

Hello Friends!

 Welcome to Imuka’s World! A network of communities working to make sure everyone live a full life with DIGNITY using our God-given Talent to make this world a better and more life place!

Imuka brings not only rare singing techniques, electrifying choreography, traditional drumming and multiple percussions but also most original and authentic traditional dance adopted from the oldest East African folk songs and dances.

Imuka’s mission, however, extends far beyond music. Imuka Singers use music as a tool to transform people’s lives. Therefore, why we sing is as equally important as how we sing.  We use music as a platform to promote sustainable economic development and social justice in our underserved communities in rural East Africa and to foster cultural ties and better understanding across the world.

“Imuka” means “RISE”—a word the group founders adapted from the scriptures in Ezra 10:4 to inspire its members to “rise” and take action and become productive and competitive citizens in the quest to make their communities and the world at large a more just and loving place.

Imuka artists are carefully vetted from dozens of community, church choirs and dance groups around East Africa based on their exceptional artistic talents, cultural creativity and distinguished  commitment to community leadership.

For the past tour performances in the USA (Imuka has performed over 150 concerts, seminars and concerts in the USA in 2011 and 2012), rave reviews, references and, music samples,  and 2016 tour schedule please visit our website link:   

We look forward to working with you to make our communities more vibrant!

Thank you very much. God Bless His Work,

Smart P. Baitani,   Artistic Director & President |Imuka Singers & COSAD Tanzania3dde6c8a-e976-403d-a263-415bd86b5189 8b40528c-ad7e-4eb4-893f-eb29db4919c2 29fd6172-af69-408e-8edd-f3163db98c8d 40c797d9-da0e-4ae6-a021-ef0b67b255eb 42d0816b-aa76-4af9-bec4-2fd9666f45fd 43d7109f-fda8-4571-9153-244faf05678d 59e67188-9a65-421c-b9ef-5aa1a06cf18e 81b06f37-d441-438b-80af-e24690c13ec1 84f18d77-6b3e-4751-881e-7f6563ce29f6 368fabcb-ac10-46a5-b770-4fed79d34ae8 1459a38e-e522-4687-bc21-84971654bcf7 7762a9ac-e0c4-43bd-b047-649324816acd c2bae990-9cd0-4853-addd-7de19cf33451 d5af6f3a-1f52-46a1-86dc-363120c239b1 d379488b-eada-4fe0-8bb1-4ad3f162798d f5c144ae-0689-455c-ab28-e02235a37282 f9b585ac-2472-4316-b34c-bfdc18a85b8b


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